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It is a common situation for every college student: you have been assigned to write a paper and… forgot about it. Now,  deadlines are approaching implacably and you have no idea how to find a way out. Or maybe you have received a tough task from your professor and cannot get through the complexity of the materials. Or maybe you just bad in essay writing. In any case, your grade is something that really matters and one of the most logical decisions to adopt in any situation of that kind is hiring a writer and getting professional online help from a writing service.

There are numerous companies that are ready to do your homework for you. However, when you need the best essay ever, it might be really hard to make a choice. Considering a wide range of available essay writing services, it’s not easy to choose a really good one and only honest reviews can help you decide. This time, we are going to test and find out if they are as good as they claim to be. To check what kind of service they provide, we decided to buy a Philosophy essay on Judith Butler’s book Bodies That Matter. The topic was about Gender and Identity, 10 days, 4 pages. Let’s see how the writers have coped with it.

General impression

When you open, you will be met with an adorable website design. Luckily, the site is not just pretty-looking but also convenient. The “order” button is easy to find and the instruction form is clear. When placing the order, you have to pass three main steps: adding basic instructions, deciding quality level, and choosing a writer. The last one is a pretty unique feature we have never seen at writing services before. You may have a look at a list of available writers and evaluate their rating/level of education/experience. Then you may choose the candidate that you want to cooperate with. This option makes essay writing help more customized. The offered services include almost everything from research papers to dissertations.


Once the order has been placed, we were directed to the page with writers’ bids. There were more than ten available writers ready to accept an order. They started sending messages to the online chat kindly informing that they are ready to take the order. Their price for 4 pages of premium quality essay ranged from $116 to $184, which is not very cheap. We didn’t find any information about a traditional first-time discount on the site.

Customer support

There is a live chat available about resources and you can reach customer support immediately with its help. We tried contacting support representatives,  asking how can we upload additional files to the order. They answered fast and politely, providing us with all necessary information. So we can conclude that there is professional customer support at

Customer feedbacks

So we have chosen a personal helper to write essay for us. When making your choice, you have an opportunity for checking customer’s feedback left for the writer personally. We have looked through a couple of different personal pages and haven’t seen any negative comments there. However, when we tried searching for some reviews online, we have found that some clients are not very satisfied with overall quality of works provided. Also, a popular complaint is that service has high rates that are not affordable for students.


The website is focused on  Australian essay writing and therefore most writers come from this region. When reviewing writers’ profile, you can see what disciplines he or she specializes in, as well as the quality of papers he or she writes, and at what level of education.  There are Master’s and PhD degree holders working for this essay writing service and you can hire them if you opt for Premium or Platinum levels of quality.


Now let us share our impression regarding the quality of essay writing provided by

  • Communication

It is easy to reach your essay writer personally during the process and ask about progress.

  • Overall quality

The paper was well-structured and all instructions were met. There were some minor mistakes with formatting.

  • Deadline

We have received our paper within 5 days ( deadline was 10 days).

  • Originality

No plagiarism was found in the paper.

The reviewed company is legit and provides professional writing services (what is more, they do it really quickly). Both writers and support are responsive and ready for communication with you when you have questions. The overall quality of work was pretty high but  services are a bit pricey. So you may try this website out next time you need homework assistance.

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Honest Reviews About – What Are The Best Writing Services?

When I just started college, I thought I never would be that student who’d start using all these essay writing services. Well, when the classes started getting tough, I really changed my mind. For one thing, it turned out that nearly all the successful students used some kind of help (not all of them, sure, but still many), and also, I didn’t have time for it all. If you can take care of all assignments by yourself, you are brilliant, but chances are, it will not be as easy as you think.

Reasons to use Samedaypapers –  professional essay writing service

So, due to the lack of any experience whatsoever, I had a lot of concerns about using writing companies (some of them turned out to be legit, some were just a waste of time).

  1. The most pressing one was perhaps anonymity. When I just created an account, it was a real scare for me that I might order an assignment from my professor or college assistant. Now I know that it never happens, but it used to worry me all the time.
  2. The other thing was, of course, the pricing situation. I am not a struggling student but wasting all my money on paying for homework just wasn’t going to cut it.

General impression

Well, here is how it really went. As it turned out, the issues I was worried mostly about, turned out to be if not completely pointless then at least being put way out of proportion. The anonymity was not an issue at all. I even went as far as signing NDA although now I understand that it was totally unnecessary. Anyway, I’ve used the service for two years, and no one knew nothing.


With prices, it all depends on the task. Essays are really affordable, and the quality remains decent. Obviously, I do make some edits just to give the text the feel of my own voice, but corrections are not 100% necessary. With something bigger, like PhDs, the situation is a little tougher (it’s not going to be cheap). I haven’t yet ordered a thesis myself (luckily, hasn’t gotten to that trouble just yet, there are still years and years left) but some of my friends did. While they liked the quality (with some of their edits, of course), the price left them a bit worried (although I read you can get a discount). If you feel okay giving a couple of hundred bucks away in one payment, it’s not going to be an issue. For some though, it is still a problem.


The special ‘thanks’ goes to Support. I didn’t think how important their assistance can be until I had some misunderstandings with a writer and support really was my last resort. They answered really fast and solved my problem in a matter of hours. I wish I had contacted them right away instead of trying to prove something to the writer. Generally, if I were to rate my experience with Support, I’d say 10/10.


As to negative experience, there was almost nothing to remember (at least nothing major) except one conflict with a writer. There was my fault as well since I didn’t write assignment correctly, but I wish there was a way to prevent those things before misunderstandings happen.

Even though there was that one conflict, I still can say that I am pretty satisfied with the general qualifications of writers. They really know the topic well and understand the specifics of assignments. Some even gave me good advice on writing and really showed a lot of consideration in the process. I only ordered small tasks so can’t say much about Ph.D. writers although my friends seemed to be rather satisfied.


Not to brag or anything but all my work was rated A or A+. Okay, one essay did get B but the professor is super-strict, so I am not sure that even counts. I am overall satisfied. Really doubt that I could’ve had the same results if I didn’t get essay writing help at Samedaypapers and was doing everything only by myself. I was especially impressed with deadlines, guys handle them amazingly (well, in 8 cases from 10). Maybe it’s not always perfect but definitely better than I initially anticipated.

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